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Who decides which books and items you carry? How is that decision made? And, from where do your products come?

Our volunteer Bookstore Manager, Dan, is the main person who decides which books and other items to buy - he places all of the wholesale orders. He does, however, greatly welcome any suggestions or requests of any specific titles that our members and friends may have.

Dan keeps an eye on what's "new & noteworthy" in Dharma publishing through trade catalogs from publishers and distributors, as well as checking the publishers' web sites. He buys what he feels is appropriate for our center's Bookstore to carry and what he thinks members will have an interest in. He generally orders books that are in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, since that is the type of center we are. He says that deciding which books & items to buy is as much an art as a science and that it can be quite challenging - and that he could easily fill a shop with three to four times our space.

If you are a vendor and feel that your merchandise would be appropriate for our Tibetan Buddhist Bookstore, you may send us a catalog if you wish. Please mail your catalog directly to the center.