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Board of Directors

Kadampa Center has an active Board of Directors that is responsible for the fiduciary health of the organization.

The Center Director and the Spiritual Program Coordinator are permanent members of the Board. Others typically participate for 3-year terms, staggering, with an end-date in July.

Board meetings are open to Center membership, and occur every other month on the third Sunday after the regular teachings (usually at 12:15).

Board Message of March 21, 2017:

  1. Welcoming Steve Hale to BOD. Steve has been involved at the Center for years in many different ways. We are grateful to Steve for accepting this new role and look forward to working with him on the Kadampa Center Board of Directors.

  2. We’ve approved our 2017 Budget. We are also working hard to make sure that we have a solid financial foundation to support this year’s month-long LOP retreat while keeping regular events running smoothly at Kadampa Center.

  3. Exciting times here at Kadampa Center. Planning is underway for our big 25th Anniversary Gala event to be held Saturday, June 10, which coincides with Saka Dawa (celebrating the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and passing into parinirvana).

  4. Check it out! Kadampa Center is ‘featured’ in this month’s Raleigh Magazine with "Everything I Needed to Know About Visiting a New Place of Faith, I Learned from Kadampa Center."

May our intentions and actions continue to fulfill the wishes of our teachers.  
The Board of Directors

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2017 Board of Directors

Center Director

Robbie Watkins first studied with Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Kopan Monastery in 1980. He became a member of Kadampa Center in 1993. After serving as Spiritual Program Director, he became Director of the Center in 1998. He is involved in leading Discovering Buddhism. During his spare time, he works as a family physician in Cary.

Chairman of the Board

Hemant Pandya has been attracted to Buddhism since 1994 when he met Tibetan monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery when they performed "Sacred Music, Sacred Dance" for world harmony at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Since then he has studied Buddhism and visited Nepal twice further deepening his interest in Dharma.

Hemant feels very fortunate to have found the Kadampa Center and the precious teachings offered by its Sangha. He is pleased to serve the Center and its community as a board member. He resides in North Raleigh, is married and has two grown children.

Co-Spiritual Program Coordinator

Donna started attending Kadampa Center in 1999, and knew she had found her spiritual home the first time she walked through the doors. Over the years she has found the Dharma to be of incredible benefit in living her daily life, raising her daughter in partnership with her husband, and helping her parents make the transition into death.
She has worked in a variety of roles at the Center and hopes her service as co-spiritual program coordinator will be of benefit to our teachers, our community, and all beings.


David Strevel discovered the Kadampa Center in 2004 and became a member soon after.  He is thankful that the Tibetan Buddhist practice  at Kadampa Center is the most engaging and beneficial spiritual tradition he has ever found.  David has been on the Board since 2009 and is currently the Treasurer.  As a volunteer, he was the Project Manager for adding the Classroom Building to the Center in 2009-2010 and was a leader on the team building the Center's Kadampa Stupa, 2011-2013.  He also volunteers as a photographer of Center events.  He has a Ph.D. in business and is retired from computer center management.


Sandy joined Kadampa Center in 2010.  A practicing Buddhist for many years, she aspires to use the teachings in every aspect of her life. Over the years, Sandy has volunteered in many roles at the Center, most currently as one of the Buddhism in a Nutshell Class leaders. She and her husband, John, own Blue Yonder Media, a communications company specializing in strategic messaging, HD Video Production and web-based identities.

Royden Saah became a member of the Kadampa Center in 2007. The teachings offered practices and a philosophy that Royden has found beneficial on all levels including the ‘everyday’ aspect. Royden has found that the Kadampa Center is one of the easiest places to put the teachings into practice and strives to take that motivation with him wherever he goes (with varying degrees of success). Among other roles, Royden has participated in the Newcomer Question and Answer sessions as a way to increase comfort for those that visit our center just one time, or stay for a lifetime.

Rebecca has been a member of Kadampa Center since 2008, and has attended teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Delek, Ven Robina Courtin as well as many of the inspirational Sangha who are in residence at, or who have visited the Center.  She has volunteered in varying capacities over the years, and is delighted to now serve Kadampa Center, our community and the FPMT through participation on the Board of Directors. 

Julie has participated at Kadampa Center since 1993. She started practicing Zen Buddhism in 1985 and, after attending teachings by His Holiness in 1988, made Tibetan Buddhism her primary spiritual path. She is the principal of Mayin, LLC, a real estate finance and development consulting business.
Julie served as a Spiritual Program Coordinator from 1999-2008 and now lives in Kentucky, participating online regularly.

Steve became interested in Buddhist teachings while living in Europe during the 1970s. While taking an FPMT online course in 2013 Steve discovered the Kadampa Center and has been studying and practicing at Kadampa ever since. In addition to the courses Kadampa offers he is also enrolled in the “Foundation of Buddhist Thought,” an education course of the Jamyang Centre in London which is also affiliated with FPMT. Steve is a capital case defense investigator in both state and federal court. He sees the teachings of the Buddha as personal advice and hopes volunteering at Kadampa will make the Dharma more available.