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Sponsor a Puja

Sponsoring a puja is a great way to earn merit – your sponsorship serves our entire community by helping to make pujas possible. In addition, as a sponsor you can offer a dedication that will be read at the puja, so that all who attend can share in supporting your concern. The sponsor usually hands out the first set of monetary offerings to the sangha – according to Geshe Sangpo, this is so the sangha know the sponsor and can do special additional prayers for them as well.

Puja Sponsorship Opportunities:

First, be sure to dedicate your generosity so that we can read the dedication at the beginning and end of the puja.

Select from the list below to be linked to our secure online community.

Thank you!

Medicine Buddha Puja ~ $60

Guru Puja ~ $75

Tara Practice ~ $125

Holy Days ~ $125

Puja Donation ~ any heartfelt amount