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Who We Serve

Our workshops are open to any prisoner interested in learning how to use meditation tehinques navigate difficult situations and emotions skillfully. Our students come from a variety of spiritual tranditions, including Christian, Muslim, Wiccan, Rastafarian, Buddhist, and atheists, among others. While our approach to meditation comes from a Buddhist tradition, we have no interest in proseletyzing--we simply present an Eastern complement to traditional Western approaches. People from all faith traditions benefit from meditation.

While DPS views participation in workshops such as ours favorably, no one requires our students to participate - they are self-selected. We offer workshops to both adults and juveniles, male and female, at all custody levels - from minimum to death row.

Word about our programs spreads as prisoners are transferred throughout the system in North Carolina. Prisoners interested in workshops at particular locations can speak with staff at their location or write to us directly at:

Kadampa Center Prison Project
5412 Etta Burke Court
Raleigh, NC 27606

Staff, family members, or others interested in finding out more can write to us at the same address, or email

Be patient - depending upon the location, it may take a bit of effort to establish a program at a given facility. We will not ignore any request that reaches us successfully. We are aware the prisoner communications can be particularly difficult:  If you do not receive a response of some kind from us within 30 days, please try again.