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Buddhist Mind Science: Activating Your Potential

Buddhist Mind Science: Activating Your Potential


Welcome to this journey to lasting happiness. The course "Buddhist Mind Science: Activating Your Potential" focuses on meditation and the mind to provide insight and practical techniques to understand the mechanisms of suffering and happiness, find mental balance, and discover our potential for wisdom and compassion. With an approach that includes modern scientific perspectives, the course explores how to activate our inner potential for bringing about lasting happiness, to contribute to one's own welfare, as well as that of others.

A Journey to Lasting Happiness

Buddhist Mind Science: Activating Your Potential is a new FPMT pilot course structured in a series of seven modules. The modules can be taken in succession or each module can be done as an independent, stand-alone course.

For more information about each module, how to register for the course, and to learn about the remarkable instructors leading this course, please click on the links below:

We Depend on Your Support

In keeping with our tradition, Kadampa Center does not charge a fee to attend any Dharma teaching to ensure that financial resources will never be an obstacle to hearing the Dharma.  Your support for the Buddhist Mind Science course opens access to the Dharma for others and enables Kadampa Center to make a generous offering to the course instructors.

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The Buddhist Mind Science (BMS) course is offered jointly by: