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Help Flood Victims! Geshe-la coming!

8:00 am Saturday, October 13, 2018

[posted on behalf of Outreach Coordinator, Elise Strevel]

Dear Kadampa Center Family,

Geshe-la is encouraging anyone who can provide hands-on help to victims of Hurricane Florence to do so. Our friends at the Mormon Community are well organized to respond to crises, and are happy to let us join forces with them. 

We have 2 types of opportunities to help but...

We have to know how many people we can count on!! 

    Where: (probably in Wilmington or Fayetteville, but will depend on victims’ requests)
    When: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13. (Time not yet determined)
    Who: Ages 16-adult. Ages 16-18 with parent only. This is potenial bio-hazard site. 
    Action: Email Elise Strevel with subject line: FLORENCE ON-SITE VOLUNTEER (Please provide your full name and phone number in your note.)

Typically, volunteers bring chain saws (only if you REALLY know how to use it!), gloves and boots while the other supplies are provided by the Mormon Church (we had 23 truckloads of food, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies and equipment delivered to Wilmington and Fayetteville this weekend, with more to come as needs are assessed) such as shovels, plastic gloves, roofing materials, tarps, etc.  

We will later get an email with a brief survey regarding the supplies we can bring with us and what we'll need to pick up from a command center or bring from our congregation. That will allow us to organize work crews better. If everyone wants to be in a single work crew, we could accommodate that. I'm trying to get a few other denominations to join us on the 13th and think it might be great to have people from multiple faith communities all working together in work crews. 


Takes calls from victims requesting service. This can be done from your home at any time after receiving a brief training, but SOMEONE MUST BE WILLING TO BE THE COORDINATOR FOR KADAMPA VOLUNTEERS!

         Action: Email Elise Strevel with subject line: FLORENCE CALL CENTER COORDINATOR (Please provide your full name and phone number in your note.)

The leaders at Crisis Cleanup are willing to train volunteers from the Kadampa Center. However, you'll need to first have a leader, emergency specialist or a designee whose job it will be to sign up the Kadampa Center through Crisis Cleanup and be their coordinator.  

All volunteers have to be vetted and associated with an approved organization. Crisis Cleanup will vet the organization and then send follow-up emails to each individual to register. Once registered, Crisis Cleanup will conduct the training. I have done this and the training takes about an hour. The sign up takes minutes by the designee. Once trained, volunteers can sign in and take calls from survivors to enter their work orders into a database that supplies work to local aid agencies. It's really rewarding and a great way to render service on your own time, from your own home.  

Together, we can make a difference for many of those in need.

love from,