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Kadampa Family Dharma Camp

Family Dharma Camp 2019!

Family Camp is unique in offering parents and children time together to engage in the teachings of the Buddha, rituals of the Tibetan tradition, and time spent with other Buddhist families and Sangha where we share how to put these practices into our daily lives.

We are holding a t-shirt fundraiser for camp! Your purchase helps to fund a weekend of community teaching kids and families techniques of mindfulness to pursue their goals with compassion, wisdom, and joyful effort! 


Click here to watch a video from our most recent camp 

For more information about past family camps:

2018 Family Dharma Camp: Patience 

2016 Family Dharma Camp: Vajrasattva and Purification

2015 Family Dharma Camp: Green Tara and Compassion in Action

2013 Family Dharma Camp: Chenrezig and Compassion