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Family Program Sunday Morning FAQs

Thank you for your interest in our Family Program! Here we try to answer as many questions as we can so you are as prepared for your visit as possible. However, if your question is not addressed either on this page or in this section, please email us. We'll answer any questions you have, and your question may end up helping others by being included on this page.

Please come for a visit – we welcome new families!

From time-to-time, opportunities arise for children and youth to participate in the events in the gompa. Whenever children are invited to events or celebrations, we encourage families to participate as much as possible. We do not offer childcare as a substitute for family events so that our volunteers have the opportunity to join in with their families. Last-minute changes are more likely with visiting teachers and holidays. Please sign-up for email lists to stay updated and always be prepared to be flexible. Check the Sunday page or calendar to determine if the current session is drop-off or if families participate together.

You don’t have to! A message about our littlest teachers:

We welcome our littlest ones in the gompa at all times, so they may hear the Dharma. Their presence is important – and their wiggles, whispers and whimpers give the bigger folks a chance to practice patience!

We have a lovely space for children aged four and under, but we do not have a room dedicated to infants. Most parents find that a flexible approach works best during the first year.

  • Sleepy? Infants often snuggle with their parents in the gompa. Toddlers who have not dropped their morning nap may love the beginning of the class but find it hard to get through the whole thing without their parents.
  • Hungry? Parents often use the preschool room to nurse or feed their babies.
  • Playful? Often infants love to watch the preschoolers, even if they are not ready to leave their parents. Parents keep their infants, but come visit.
  • Independent? Some infants are very comfortable in the preschool room and able to stay and play without their parents.
  • Depends on the day? Some mornings the preschool room is very active and others, very mellow. Some parents decide the best approach depends.

Sometimes children have special needs and fit better in a class other than the one designed for his or her age. Please communicate with the Children's Program Coordinator ahead of time if you feel you child needs special accommodations. The Program Coordinator will consider the needs for the program as well as needs of individual children when evaluating exceptions in class placement. We ask that the first few times your child attends that he or she participates with others his age (or younger for shy or special needs).

During sessions when we have drop-off programming, such as the Fall Session and Winter/Early Spring Session, students are grouped by grade.

Inside the main building is a room for infants and preschoolers. As often as possible, we staff this room with volunteers for drop-off care. Parents are always welcome to stay with their young ones and often forge meaningful and lasting relationships with fellow parents. Teachings are streamed to this room, and it is possible to listen here.

The classroom outside offers programming for students in grades K - 4.  Students in grades 5 - 8 meet at the large table in the lobby.

High Schoolers participate in a variety of ways including listening to teachings in the gompa and volunteering.