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Intermediate Programs

Intermediate programs best suited for students who have completed beginner programs. Some of these programs may have pre-requisites and regisration to attend to help ensure students have done enough study and practice to be ready for the material presented.

  • Lamrim Topics with Geshe Gelek - Geshe Gelek teaches in depth on a varitey of essential topics from the Lamrim Chenmo, a core text in the Gelug tradition. 
  • Exploring Buddhism - This pilot program is intended to be a bridge between Discovering Buddhism and the Basic Program. It is designed to help students of Buddhism delve more deeply into a broad array of topics that form a solid foundation for furthering one's study and practice. It is currently being run as a pilot to test and refine the curriculum.
  • Guru puja with tsog - Prayers and offerings to the Guru inseperable with the Buddha, based on the seven limb practice. According to our Spiritual Director, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, students who have taken Hightest Yoga Tantra initiation have a commitment to do tsog on the 10th and 25th days of the Tibetan calendar, however anyone can attend and participate in these pujas. Prior knowledge of Buddhism is helpful to understand the purpose of the ritual and prayers.
  • The Basic Program - A five-year course covering nine main texts in the Buddhist tradition. Pre-requisites and pre-registration is required to participate. Students need to have completed the 13 classroom modules of Discovering Buddhism among other pre-requisites, and are recommended to take the How to Get Enlightened Class in conjunction with the Basic Program. To get the most benefit from the program, students should be committed to doing all homework, practices, tests, and if all componenets are succesfully completed to apply for a completion certificate.  Currently we are not offering the Basic Program