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Support the Prison Project

Our volunteers work hard and spend many hours supporting the efforts of the Prison Project.


What do we get from your support?

  • We witness incredible journeys.
  • We are privileged to see aspects of being human to which many of us are not typically exposed.
  • We discuss FORGIVENESS with those incarcerated for doing someone great harm and experience its full power.
  • We discuss EQUANIMITY and watch people, for the first time ever, try to walk a mile in the shoes of someone they consider a mortal enemy.

In each workshop, we provide books to each participant. Several prisons we visit weekly are over 100 miles away; being able to offer gas money to our volunteers would be awesome. At the end of each workshop, we celebrate the participants with cheesecake, soda, and juice. Our Kadampa pen pals often send dharma books to their imprisoned pen pal - many are voracious readers!

What do you get from your support?

  • You can put that feeling of compassion you work so hard to generate into practical, concrete action.
  • You can exercise generosity with the confidence that every penny you donate goes directly to prisoner support—there is no overhead, and every volunteer reimbursement is documented with a receipt before approval.
  • You can help others living in very difficult, sometimes dire, circumstances realize calm minds and happiness.
  • Your compassionate generosity will multiply as the Kadampa Center Prison Project participants graduate prison and return to our communities as safer neighbors and productive citizens.
  • Your contributions are tax deductable!

If you are so moved, help us out!

  • Books for a typical workshop of 10 - 25 individuals costs between $100 and $400 per session.
  • One weekly round trip to Caledonia is over 180 miles - that's around $15 in gas money.
  • An end-of-workshop party for 15 typically runs about $50.
  • A book sent from a publisher to a pen pal can cost from $5 to $20 each.