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André Smith

André became a member of the Kadampa Center in 2006. The very first day, after listening to Geshe-la’s teachings, he knew that he had found his home. He decided to take the two-year Discovering Buddhism course, thinking that he gave Jesus 25 years of his life, he could, at least, give the Buddha two years. He took refuge in 2007, and the two years now number over a dozen. He has been teaching Buddhist Meditation and Thought in the prisons, primarily at Nash Correctional, for 12 years. Teaching Buddha’s wisdoms has taught him that these far-reaching ideals must be studied, meditated on and practiced. In this way we come to know their validity. He believes, as His Holiness teaches, we all possess the same potential (Buddha Nature). Our life’s job is to realize it. As he strives for enlightenment, his sole purpose for existence is to help others attain it as well.
Teaching Role(s):